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Company Overview

Nirmidas Biotech was founded in September of 2013. Prof. Hongjie Dai, Stanford University, is the scientifc co-founder. The founding mission was to develop and commercialize the new innovations including tools and reagents for cutting edge life science research and clinical translations. We are a member of the Janssen Labs (JLABS) and QB3 programs, the Stanford StartX Med Program, and the MIT Industrial Liaison Program (MIT ILP). We are also a StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force Company since early 2020. 

Our company name, Nirmidas, is based on the Greek myth of the Midas touch, where everything King Midas touched was transmuted into gold; the ‘Nir” portion of the name derives from the centerpiece of our platforms based on our breakthrough near-infrared (NIR) technologies spanning NIR-I (800-1000 nm) and NIR-II/SWIR (1000-1700 nm, short-wave infrared) windows. 


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