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Company Overview

Nirmidas Biotech was founded in September of 2013. The founding mission was to develop and commercialize the new innovations including tools and reagents for cutting edge life science research and clinical translations. We are a member of the Janssen Labs (JLABS) and QB3 programs, the Stanford StartX Med Program, and the MIT Industrial Liaison Program (MIT ILP). We are also a StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force Company since early 2020. 

Our company name, Nirmidas, is based on the Greek myth of the Midas touch, where everything King Midas touched was transmuted into gold; the ‘Nir” portion of the name derives from the centerpiece of our platforms based on our breakthrough near-infrared (NIR) technologies spanning NIR-I (800-1000 nm) and NIR-II/SWIR (1000-1700 nm, short-wave infrared) windows. 


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