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KingsVision™ Bioluminescence/Fluorescence Small Animal In Vivo Imaging System

KingsVision™ Imaging Instrument for Dual Modality Bioluminescence and Fluorescence with Novel NIR-I and NIR-II Dyes and Probes

KingsVision dual modallity NIR-II/SWIR fluorescence/bioluminescence in vivo imaging: 400nm- 1700nm window, ~cm penetration

KingsVision™ instrument provides users an additional modality of bioluminescence imaging in addition to the fluorescence imaging capability described in DeepVision™.

(Also see details about DeepVisionTM. Also see Nirmidas NIR-I and NIR-II dyes and probes.)

In addition to the features offered in DeepVisionTM, additional Key Features of KingsVisionTM :

  •   Bioluminescence imaging modality with a second high quality camera 

  •        High performance and low noise CCD camera. 

  •        Very low dark current and read out noise

  •        High quantum efficiency

  •        Small pixel size

KingsVision™ Imaging System Specifications are available upon request. Please send your request to

Application Examples 

KingsVision™ image result combining both NIR-IIb fluorescence imaging and bioluminescence imaging. 

Example of KingsVision image:rare-earth down-conversion nanoparticles dye/luc2 to study 4T1-luc tumor and mouse blood vessle

Caption: Images obtained by Nirmidas KingsVisionTM . NIR-IIb imaging of circulating rare-earth down-conversion nanoparticles (Nirmidas Product No. NBDY-0029A) in mouse blood vessels and bioluminescence image of 4T1-luc tumor. 

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