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pGOLD™ Slides and pGOLD™ Assay Platform


Plasmonic gold allows for a significant improvement in signal-to-noise ratio, surpassing other substrates by up to 100 fold in sensitivity and dynamic range. Plasmonic gold (pGOLD™) substrates are useful for fluorescence and Raman based cellular imaging and molecular assays. Our pGOLD™ technology:

  • suppresses or blocks background signals

  • enables multi-color imaging

  • can be compatible with standard cellular imaging, microarrays, and flow cytometric assay steps and equipment

plasmonic gold (pGOLD) coating enhancing fluorescence signals for up to 100 times in sensitivity and dyanmic range

pGOLD™, our innovative signal amplifying platform, originated from Stanford University and was published in Nature Communication and Nature Medicine. This technology is nano-engineered and is a signal enhancing near infra-red fluorescence detection platform. The high sensitivity of the pGOLD™ technology has already been displayed in novel assays for autoimmune diseases and infectious diseases. 

Nirmidas pGOLD slides can be used for proteins, antibodies, and nucleic acid detections, and for celluar/tissue assays

Plasmonic gold (pGOLD™) microscope slides enable enhanced fluorescence by up to 100 fold in the wavelength range of 500 – 900nm 


Plasmonic gold (pGOLD™) substrates rely on nanoscience principles, such as nanogap enhanced excitation field strength and reduction in radiative lifetime of molecular excited states, to significantly increase the fluorescence emission of various fluorophores on the substrates.

The fluorescence enhancement is in the wavelength range of 500 – 900 nm for Si based detectors and persists to > 1000 nm for infrared detectors. Substrates are compatible with fluorophores such as Cy3, Cy5, IRDye680, and IRDye800 dyes in this wavelength range and give the highest enhancement in the near-infrared window. The substrates can also enhance the Raman scattering signals of molecules by orders of magnitude.

pGOLD™ slides are manufactured in compliance with ISO 13485 regulations.  The production follows rigorous work instructions and quality control procedures to ensure consistent performance and stability for use in clinical diagnostic laboratories, by trained laboratory personnel. The slides can also be used in research and development capacity.

Currently, we have the following pGOLD™ configurations that come in packs of 20 slides, 10 slides, or 5 slides: 

  • Barcoded pGOLD™ Slide (product number: NBPG-0005A) - for IVDR use or RUO


  • Nonbarcoded pGOLD™ Slide (product number: NBPG-0005B) - for RUO


  • Customized pGOLD™ Slide (product number: NBPG-0005C) - for RUO 



  • Protein (Cytokine/antibody/antigen) detection

  • DNA/RNA detection

  • cfDNA/CTC/exosomes analysis

  • Cell/tissue imaging

  • Multi-color imaging

  • Liquid Biopsy

  • Biomarker discovery

  • Therapeutics screening assay

  • Potential for IVD and clinical use 

Nirmidas pGOLD slides are registered with CE IVDR and FDA class I and can be used for in vitro diagnostics

 pGOLD™ slides comply with CE Mark IVDR 2017/746 .


Nirmidas pGOLD™ Assay Platform Technology is an all-in-one system for biomarker fluorescence detection. It combines plasmonic gold slides (pGOLD™ slides), MidaScan-IR™ or MidaScan™ Scanners, and multiplexed ELISA-like Assay kits to deliver biomarker detection of protein microarray and imaging assays. pGOLD™ Slides can be used in other assay platforms for development of assays and with other microscopes and imagers. 

Nirmidas pGOLD ELISA-like platform uses a nano-plotter and offers cutomized assays for antibody and autoantibody detections

Nirmidas pGOLD™ Assay Platform


Application areas include DNA, RNA, and Protein Microarrays, cell/tissue imaging, Immunohistochemistry (IHC), Single Molecule Imaging, and ELISPOT.

Nirmidas provides all-inclusive kits, which may include dye-labeled detection antibodies, standard controls, diluents, and pGOLD™ biochips.


Other Applications

Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH), Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET), Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP), Immunofluorescence Assays, Cellular Assays and more.

pGOLD™ Assay Platform Product Information sheet


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