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Company Overview

Nirmidas Biotech was founded in September of 2013.  Prof. Hongjie Dai, Stanford University, is the scientific co-founder. We are a member of the Janssen Labs (JLABS) and QB3 programs, the Stanford StartX Med Program, and the MIT Industrial Liaison Program (MIT ILP). We are also a StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force Company since early 2020. 

Our company name, Nirmidas, is based on the Greek myth of the Midas touch, where everything King Midas touched was transmuted into gold; the ‘Nir” portion of the name derives from the centerpiece of our platforms based on our breakthrough near-infrared (NIR) technologies spanning NIR-I (800-1000 nm) and NIR-II/SWIR (1000-1700 nm, short-wave infrared) windows. 

Based in California’s Silicon Valley, Nirmidas is an innovative biotechnology company that develops and commercializes products for diagnostics and imaging including test kits, NIR-II/SWIR probes and dyes, and NIR scanners and in vivo NIR-II imaging instruments. Nirmidas integrates chemistry, nanoscience, biology, bio-engineering, and optical imaging with unique core competences in near-infrared fluorescence in the 800-1700 nm range. Nirmidas has launched both diagnostics and imaging products based on near-infrared fluorescence technologies. 

Nirmidas is commercializing diagnostics products for early disease diagnosis, prognosis monitoring and population screening for both point-of-care (POC) deployment and over-the-counter (OTC) home use. Nirmidas seeks FDA clearance for the clinical test kits. Its patented plasmonic gold (pGOLD™) assay platform provides enhanced sensitivity for up to 100 times for biological detections on gold coated microarrays. The pGOLD™assay system has already been implemented in a CLIA lab for clinical testing. It offers a powerful research tool for new biomarker discovery and drug development. It has been utilized by numerous researchers worldwide. 

Nirmidas’ NIR-II/SWIR probes and in vivo imaging system offer a unique combination to enable researchers performing non-invasive sub-centimeter deep imaging at whole-mouse-body scale and single-cell and single vasculature scale in real time, representing a revolution in fluorescence imaging of small animals. Nirmidas’ novel NIR-II/SWIR probes are further enhanced by patented and proprietary methods of conjugation to antibodies, peptides, and other targeting ligands, allowing in vivo molecular imaging at the whole-body scale and in mouse brain, tumor, and lymph nodes at cellular levels.   

Nirmidas registered products with FDA, obtained FDA Emergency Use Authorization, registered products with CE IVD, and is ISO13485:2016 certified, as of 2021.


Nirmidas has contract manufacturing in the U.S., France, and China. 

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